Toby’s Estate – Sparkling Drinks

Step into my world of graphic design enchantment, where I had the honor of collaborating with Toby’s Estate for their sparkling drink cans. Creating this project was a labor of love, crafting lively characters that cheerfully yell and wave, leading your eyes to the heart of it all: the logo and delightful flavors.

One exciting challenge was designing a seamless pattern that wraps endlessly around the cans, creating an immersive experience for anyone lucky enough to hold them. It had to be a never-ending story of taste and art.

The cherry on top? This project received accolades, including the gold medal at the Annual 2023 by Autori di Immagini (Italy) and a spot in the SI65 Annual by the Society of Illustrators of New York.

Embrace the charm and creativity infused into every inch of Toby’s Estate sparkling drink cans. It’s an adventure through laughter, art, and refreshment – a fusion that delights your senses. Cheers to embracing the magic of design and sparking inspiration in each sip!