Fabio Buonocore

Hey! Welcome to my website. For years, I’ve been involved in graphic design, collaborating with various brands for whom I’ve created visuals and strategies, utilizing the shapes and colors that characterize my work. My inspiration has been strongly influenced by Napolitan majolica and fabrics from the Amalfi Coast, merging with the stylistic influences of Japanese graphic design and Western pop culture.

Fatt’ sentì

As you may have noticed, I often draw my characters in the act of screaming. For me, this is a fundamental aspect because it helps me to describe the reality I see. From the moment we are born, the first sign of life is a scream. We break the tension by manifesting ourselves to the world, but even as adults, we feel the need to scream to assert ourselves. The problem is that I see ‘everything’ around me screaming, from TV commercials to people on the phone, from a couple arguing to a mother calling her child. We try to manifest our presence to the world… BUT IT DOESN’T LISTEN TO US!!!

– Award of Excellence – Communication Arts
– 6 Merit Mentions – 3X3 Magazine
– 5 Merit Mentions – iJungle Illustration Awards

– Gold Medal ad Annual by Autori di Immagini – category Advertising
– Award of Excellence at Communication Arts – Illustration, editorial
– Longlisted at World Illustration Awards – Advertising

– Award of Excellence at SND44 – Best of Print News Design.
   AD Wesley Fernandes, Illustrator Fabio Buonocore. For Nature Magazine

– Selected for the SI 65, Annual by Society of Illustrator
– Shortlisted at Communication Art – Illustration, advertising and editorial.

– Silver Medal ad Annual by Autori di Immagini – category Magazine

– Shortlisted – World Illustration Awards
– 2 Merit Mentions – iJungle Illustration Awards

– First Prize – Northern Illustration Awards
– Merit Mention – iJungle Illustration Awards
– Selected – Collective Art + Brewings n.13 series

– Merit Mentions – 3×3 Annual
– 2 Honorable Mentions – 3×3 Annual

– First Prize – IED, 50th Anniversary
– Silver Medal – Autori di Immagini italiani Annual