Some projects are great because of the chemistry among the people working on them. And this is one of those. Thanks to the Wazzo team, I was able to develop all the creative part of the Indie Games 2022 for Google Play, creating bizarre worlds and funny scenes. I developed each design with gaming mechanics to be in line with the event, eventually creating physical elements to give to the winners. After nearly a year of work, I did my best to entertain all the event participants, and I definitely left my heart with the Wazzo team!

Google Indie Game 2022
Google Play
Meghan Spurlock

Indie Games Accelerator

In this world, Blobby will encounter many friends and mentors who will help him achieve great results!

Indie Games Festival

Among all the dives, Blobby will have to find the cup, where will it be? An unprecedented adventure will lead us to discover this fantastic world.


To develop all the assets to their best and make them available to the various teams worldwide, I made a small practical toolkit where I explain the grammar of the various elements. Here I show you an example.


Blobby’s collection doesn’t stop, and the world of the Festival comes to life through iconic elements specially designed for the event.

Let’s move!

Below are some videos developed by me and the very talented Meghan Spurlock. Our chemistry allowed us to create fun animations with astonishing simplicity!